Men Can Stop Rape



Research has proven that men can play a major role in preventing violence against women. There have been many programs to encourage this; one very successful program is Men Can Stop Rape. This is an organization that aims to change the perception of masculinity and male strength among boys and men. The program includes education programs for school aged students, public awareness through social marketing, and leadership training. Their MOST or Men of Strength Club, is a 22 week workshop for male teens ages 11-18, touching on all aspects of violence prevention, especially healthy relationships. The goal is to “educate young men about their role as allies with women in preventing sexual and intimate partner violence; promote positive non-violent roles for men; and empower you to take action to end sexual and dating violence, promote healthy relationships based on equality and respect and create safer communities” (men can stop rape, 2011). The program has been around since 1997, and has showed much success in the United States. The program has reached over 2 million people and is still spreading!


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