White Ribbon Day


The foundation began in Canada in 1991, on the second anniversary of one man’s massacre on numerous women in Montreal. The program has since spread nationally and is active in more than 60 countries. In 1999 the 25th of November has since been declared Elimination of Violence against Women day, with the white ribbon as its symbol. The campaigns mission is to encourage others to speak out on violence against women and stress that women’s safety is a man’s issue too. The campaign uses many media sources to spread the message such as TV and radio and now internet. This program is the “world’s largest male-led movement to end men’s violence against women (White Ribbon, 2014). Although there is an actual white ribbon day, the ads are run throughout the year. There are many ways to become part of the white ribbon campaign: as an ambassador, or an advocate, in the workplace, at schools, as a supporter, and as a partner.

Post source: http://www.whiteribbon.org.au/what-is-white-ribbon

Image credit: http://whiteribbonday.janedoe.org/

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