Positive Parenting Program “Triple P System”

     A parent focused intervention that has demonstrated success is called the Triple P System. The three “p’s” stand for Positive Parenting Program and the five components to the program are: “ensuring a safe, engaging environment, promoting a positive learning environment, using assertive discipline, maintaining reasonable expectations, and taking care of oneself as a … More Positive Parenting Program “Triple P System”

Empowerment of women and girls in Amhara Region

The Organization for Rehabilitation and Development in Amhara (ORDA) works to ensure women have equal rights and an equal voice next to the men in their communities. One of the main focuses of this program is to lower the amount of harmful traditional practices (HTPs), such as female genital cutting and establish anti-HTP programs. Ending … More Empowerment of women and girls in Amhara Region

Know your Power: Step In, Speak Up

This is a social marketing campaign developed by Banyard and colleagues to target young adults. The campaign can target and raise awareness in a large amount of people through advertising. The media included posters, bookmarks, backpacks, computer pop up images, and many other products such as water bottles, etc. This program has spread throughout many … More Know your Power: Step In, Speak Up