Positive Parenting Program “Triple P System”


     A parent focused intervention that has demonstrated success is called the Triple P System. The three “p’s” stand for Positive Parenting Program and the five components to the program are: “ensuring a safe, engaging environment, promoting a positive learning environment, using assertive discipline, maintaining reasonable expectations, and taking care of oneself as a parent” (Prinz, Sanders, Shapiro, Whitaker, & Lutzker, 2009). In addition to these five basic principles, there are over 35 specific strategies which fall into categories such as managing misbehaviors and preventing problems in high-risk situations (Prinz et al., 2009). Each of the strategies are taught, exemplified, and reinforced to parents throughout the program. The overall success of the Triple P system has been extensively researched and found to consistently have a positive impact on the overall competence and problem solving skills of parents which in turn greatly reduces the risks for child maltreatment.


Post source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4258219/

Image credit: http://www.hr.uq.edu.au/triplep

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