Nurse-Family Partnership Program

    A program called the Nurse-Family Partnership is decided specifically for low income, first-time mothers who are looking for guidance throughout pregnancy and the first two years of their baby’s life.  The program pairs each new mom with a nurse who provides the mother with nutritional advice, prenatal care, birthing classes, breastfeeding tips, and … More Nurse-Family Partnership Program

The Massachusetts Bank Reporting Project

     One of the best practices against elder financial abuse was started right here in Massachusetts and has since been replicated throughout the country. The Massachusetts Bank Reporting Project: An Edge against Elder Financial Exploitation, was put together by the Massachusetts’ Executive Office of Elder Affairs, in collaboration with the Executive Office of Consumer … More The Massachusetts Bank Reporting Project

Safe Child Program

    A program called the Safe Child Program was developed in 1981 and trains children ages 3 to 10 with a specific set of skills to help them prevent physical, emotional, and sexual abuse (Kraizer, 2011). The program is designed to be implemented in a group classroom environment, and it focuses on the prevention … More Safe Child Program

Child Maltreatment Identification-Related Services

    A category of school programs is called Intervention-Related Services. There are many forms of these interventions offered including home visitation, in school or out of school counseling, parenting education, and support groups for children. Although each of these programs are developed in different atmosphere and for different target populations, the outcome of awareness, … More Child Maltreatment Identification-Related Services

Child Maltreatment Identification Training

    Children spend the majority of their childhood in school, therefore teachers, counselors, and all school personnel serve as an essential team to report and prevent child maltreatment. From Kindergarten through 12th grade, school personnel observe children constantly and also have opportunities to interact with the parents of their students who are often the … More Child Maltreatment Identification Training