The Chicago Child-Parent Centers (CPC’s)


     Chicago has historically been known for having some very high poverty neighborhoods in which families struggle to provide proper care for their children.  In 1967, the Chicago Child-Parent Centers (CPC’s) opened and have been successfully partnering with the Chicago Public school system since.  The program allows pre-school aged children to participate in their free pre-school program as long as the family qualifies and a family member volunteers at least once a week.  The program initially was created due to noticing that children of high poverty families were severely lacking age appropriate cognitive and emotional behaviors as well as lacking good health and hygiene.  The key successes of this program is that it mandates parent involvement at the preschool in order to demonstrate to parents skills a child should have before beginning kindergarten.  In addition, the program also has been proven to reduce child abuse and neglect at home, raise cognitive readiness of the child upon entering public schools, as well as proven success reducing the rate of high schools leaving school before graduating.

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