Prenatal and Early Childhood Home Visitation by Nurses

In an area of low socioeconomic status (a few small towns in central NY), women who are “underprivileged” are given maternal support for their first-born child.  Care is provided during pregnancy with home visits from nurses to the home to help the unmarried mother adopt better health-related behaviors (ex. exercise, alcohol/substance cessation), how to care for the expected infant (ex. baths, feeding, developmental leaps…), and also maternal personal life skills (ex. career planning, educational achievement…) in order to improve quality of life for the new family.  These visits continue until the baby is 2 years of age, totaling in about 30 home visits.  The results of this successful program has proven to produce healthier birth weights of children, less time on welfare for the mothers, and also less reported cases of child neglect and abuse among this population, identified as perpetrators of abuse. (Olds DL, Eckenrode J, Henderson CR. 2009)

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