Click It or Ticket


Buckling-Up in the car is a number 1 best practice for road traffic injury prevention, being a driver or passenger in a motor vehicle, or as Massachusetts likes to call it ‘Click It or Ticket’. There is a lot of data showing safety belts help reduce the risk of serious injury or death in a car accident. Drivers and passengers unknowingly increase their chance of injury or death by up to 50% when they are not buckled up.

Buckling-Up and the campaign is a best practice that helps save lives and prevents injury on the roadway in Massachusetts. The Click It or Ticket campaign was started in 2002. It was based on a very successful national model that was developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). It involves an extremely high-visibility of traffic enforcement for an extended period, as well as paid TV commercials and community education. In the past 12 years the Click It or Ticket campaign has helped increase seat belt usage from 51% in 2002 to 77% in 2014. During this time period fatalities involving non-restrained vehicle occupants dropped drastically from 57% for 27%.

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