Bicycle Helmet Required


Bikes are a cheap means of transportation with a very low cost of maintenance. However bicycles leave the user very vulnerable on the road and offer little to no protection for the rider. During 2009 in Minnesota almost 5,000 people were injured on a bicycle and treated in an emergency room. 500 of those injuries were in crashes involving a bicycle and a car and the average injury cost $49,000 in those cases. In that same year over 1,000 people were killed nationwide while using their bicycle. Over two thirds of the injuries and 31% of the deaths were amongst children age 16 and under. National data shows that when wearing a bicycle helmet you reduce the risk of brain injury by at least 85%.

If every bicyclist wore a helmet over 500 bicycles related fatalities and 150,000 nonfatal head injuries could be prevented each year in this country. Meaning at least one life could be saved per day. This is why promoting the use of bicycle helmets to children, and adults is a Best Practice for Roadway injury prevention. To date the most successful programs to increase bicycle helmet use, combine education with helmet discount programs and state legislation requiring helmet use.

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