Project SafeCare


A project used by the CDC to prevent child maltreatment is called Project SafeCare. This project was established in 2007 and is used world-wide, it provides parents with a training program. This project consists of about eighteen to twenty two sessions weekly for about an hour and a half. The people targeted for this project are families that are unstable, live in bad conditions or have had cases for child maltreatment. They also target children who have autism or other disabilities for this project. The purpose is mostly for the parents, to teach them behaviors focusing on the health of the child, interactions with the children and safety of the child or children.  Using this project and its guidelines there has been a 25 percent decrease. This intervention is the best practice for many reasons; it is hands on with observing and techniques with the child or children with the parent. The person running the intervention gets to experience the environment and parent with the children, highly trained they would be able to recognize signs of maltreatment preventing the child from being further maltreated.

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