Sobriety Checkpoints

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Drinking and driving is one of the biggest causes of road traffic injuries worldwide. It accounts for around 20% of fatal accidents in high-income countries and almost 69% in low and middle-income countries. Effective best practice methods for dealing with road traffic injuries and drunk drivers have the potential to save countless lives.

In Massachusetts and several other states law enforcement officials set up sobriety checkpoints at key locations at least once a month as well as during holidays and other notoriously high drinking days as well. This is a best practice that will literally take drunk drivers off the road safely. Sobriety checkpoint locations are kept secret until roadblocks are set up. In 2014 police in Massachusetts arrested over 1,000 drivers for either being drunk or under the influence of drugs at these checkpoints. These arrests saved countless lives as well as thousands of dollars in potential damage that could have been caused by drivers under the influence in accidents. Center for Disease Control (CDC) Research over the past 30 years consistently shows that sobriety checkpoints reduce alcohol-impaired crashes by 20% and fatal crashes by 26%.

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