Road Traffic Injuries in the United States

Road traffic injuries are now the highest in the United States compared to any other high-income country in the world. In 2013, per every 100,000 people, there were 10.3 motor vehicle crash deaths in the U.S. The runner-up countries include New Zealand at 5.6, Canada at 5.4, and France at 5.1.  While the United States has the most road traffic deaths, Canada has the most alcohol-related vehicle crash deaths. Finland has the highest percentage of crash deaths involving speeding at 42%, while the United States only has 29%.

Motor vehicle crash deaths have become so prevalent in our country, but they can be avoided by taking the necessary precautions. It is vital to practice the standard rules of the road, which include wearing a seatbelt, resist texting, utilizing blinkers and headlights, controlling road rage, staying above the influence, etc. The safety measures will not guarantee protection, but will help in avoiding unnecessary injuries.

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