Routine Drug Screening: Necessity or Inconvenience?


Drug testing has always been a common controversy within the United States. When it comes to welfare and government assistance, many people believe that drug screening should be necessary before an individual is able to receive their benefits. While this may be an effective way to prevent drug misuse within needy families, there will always be a controversial side. What would happen if a parent does not pass their drug test, and their children are left to starve? Should children have to suffer due to their parents’ wrongdoing?

The topic of drug screening in primary health care settings has been studied by researchers at UCLA. “The study, published in the peer-reviewed journal Substance Use and Misuse, found that 19.4 percent of people answering a computerized self-administered survey in East Los Angeles community clinics admitted to moderate-to-high drug use” (ScienceDaily 2016). In the Southern California area, patients have been reporting their own misuse of drugs. It is up for debate if they are being 100% honest, as this was a self-report. Since so many patients are willing to admit to their use, it is suggested by UCLA researchers that drug screening should be routine within clinics.

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