Maltreatment Within Food Assistance Programs


The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as SNAP, may be putting participants at risk. In general, we assume that SNAP provides its participants with fruits, vegetables, etc. It is a nutrition program, so it is expected that those who use the benefits are only allowed to buy healthy food. While there are many members who take advantage of the opportunity to fill their cabinets with nourishing food for their families, there are some who use the program to purchase junk food.

In order to qualify for SNAP, a family must be considered low-income. In 2015 alone, the USDA approved approximately $75 billion worth of benefits. The federal government was able to help 1 in 6 individuals purchase food. While the program allows for a healthier community by not allowing participants to purchase alcohol, tobacco, etc.; it does not limit buying sugar-filled foods that lead to diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases. SNAP participants feel that they do not receive enough money, so in order to make the most of their benefits they purchase as much food as they can; despite the nutritional value. They are purchasing items that are inexpensive, which overall makes their diets even worse. SNAP has been incredibly beneficial to those low-income individuals who are able to spread their benefits out, but for others it leads to a substandard selection of food.

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