CDC Budget Cuts: The Newest GOP Health Care Plan


Republicans do not agree with President Obama’s health care law, and the public health program that was created. The GOP intends on cutting the Prevention and Public Health Fund, which is under the American Health Care Act, within a year and a half. Officials believe that this cut will lead to a gap for services that citizens cannot live without. After a meeting between members of the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, they found that the cuts would mainly affect Zika outbreaks, drinking water infrastructure, and opioid addiction.

Most democrats are in favor of preserving this fund, however most Republicans find that the money is not being properly allocated. Republican Tim Murphy brought up the funding’s use, and mentioned how some of the money had been used for free spaying/neutering for pets, urban gardening, and exercise/therapy classes for residents. Many defenders recognized that this spending was not ideal, but agreed that the majority of the money has been going towards programs that are considered less controversial. These include grants for tobacco use prevention, programs to reduce infections, and programs for elder abuse prevention. On top of that, over $300 million dollars is dedicated to immunizations alone.

The CDC would be facing budget cuts which puts Americans at higher risk for all sorts of epidemics. The CDC have been putting efforts into reducing chronic disease rates, stopping opioid drug misuse, preventing infectious diseases, reducing chronic diseases, and immunizing children. If their funding is cut significantly, Americans will be less healthy and put at much higher risks. The money that is taken from health care initiatives will likely be given to the military under the GOP plan. It is time to put the health of our citizens first.

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