Built Environment: Designers Developing Healthy Communities


As National Public Health Week came around, community designers felt more inspired than ever. Built environment has now become a staple health determinant. The “Joint Call to Action to Promote Healthy Communities” provides information on why designed communities that allow for travel within public spaces are extremely important in our world today. With a better-designed environment, there will be less risk of asthma and anxiety because of the open space. With a more walkable community, there will also be less of a risk or obesity and diabetes. Georges Benjamin, MD, claims that our environment has a very large impact on our health and well-being. He suggests that there must be adequate space for safe physical activity in order to maintain a healthy community.

Benjamin proposes that a well-designed community should include pathways for both walking and biking, affordable transportation, efficient resource use, access to indoor environments, and more. After the “Joint Call to Action to Promote Health Communities” was released, organizations encouraged members to create their own environments and always prioritize health when it comes to land use and design. Partnering with peer organizations who value health will lead to an overall safer built environment.

Post Source: http://www.publichealthnewswire.org/?p=17442

Image Source: Brigham and Women’s Community Health Page

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