Healthy Foods as Rewards in School


Schools around the world have attempted implementing nutritional snacks and beverages as a reward and promotion for a healthier lifestyle. It was the goal to reduce obesity rates within school children, especially if they were able to start bringing these healthy patterns to home. The researchers were also attempting to lessen the access to unhealthy food and beverages in general. The intervention began by replacing all of the food that is offered outside of school meal programs with healthy options. The competition to school meal programs include fundraisers, snack bars, vending machines, etc. The researchers also stated that all in-class celebrations (birthdays, parties, etc.) must involve food that meets established nutritional standards. The ultimate goal was for academic achievements to be rewarded with nonfood items, but if they were food, they had to be healthy.

This intervention was established through marketing strategies that involve pricing healthier foods at a low cost, offering taste tests and samples, posting signs that encourage healthy eating, setting up displays, and placing the foods and beverages in convenient places. The researchers also suggest that a health education course be implemented so students are able to learn the true value of their consumption.

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Image Source: USDA School Day

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