Insurance Plans Favor Wealthy Americans


Cancer patients should all have equal opportunities, yet those with certain insurance plans may not be able to access top care. This leads to patients having very limited options to choose from. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that some insurance plans do not have the same access to top providers. Most of the providers that are not available to the lower plans house the best doctors, who are likely associated with the National Cancer Institute. There are some financial benefits from consumers, one being that consumers have low premiums, but less access to high quality care.

The university’s study compared the insurance exchanges with the oncologists that were affiliated with infamous cancer centers. They found a correlation with the less expensive plans and limited access to the hospitals with well-known doctors. The professors at the University of Pennsylvania in this study believe that the best method would be to have the patient meet with all of their doctor choices if they need a specific treatment, but still be able to have access to the complex care if it comes down to it.

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