Elder Abuse Training Institute

The Elder Abuse Training Institute is devoted to training professionals from the medical community, legal community, law enforcement, social services and government agencies about all aspects of elder abuse, including: detection, reporting, investigating, prosecuting, caring for victims and prevention. Additionally, the institute goes beyond existing educational programs on elder abuse by offering multidisciplinary team training that … More Elder Abuse Training Institute

Warning Signs of Elder Abuse

Elder maltreatment is slowly becoming more prevalent within our country. However, most people are not aware of the most common symptoms of abuse or neglect. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, 1 in 10 older adults will experience abuse—whether it’s sexual, physical, financial, or psychological. Although the chance of experiencing abuse is … More Warning Signs of Elder Abuse

Nursing Home Quality

Due to Medicare requirements, elderly in need of care are often times presented with limited nursing home choices. Medicare’s requirement states that patients’ choices cannot be restricted. Because of this, hospitals have been providing a very short list of homes to limit their costs. Rather than letting the patient choose their residence of choice, they … More Nursing Home Quality

Elder Assessment Instrument (EAI)

    According to Terry Fulmer, who wrote the journal article “ Progress in Elder Abuse Screening and Assessment Instruments” in the Journal of American Geriatrics Society says that there are many ways to assessment elder maltreatment. This best practice is called Elder Assessment Instrument (EAI); this instrument was created to look at the following … More Elder Assessment Instrument (EAI)

Senior Crime Prevention Program

The Ventura County, California District Attorney’s Office, as part of its senior crime unit has found a way to address home bound seniors, a population which is highly affected by elder maltreatment. Through this program they included some placemats designed for elder abuse prevention messages. Those messages have been included in home delivery meal program, such … More Senior Crime Prevention Program

Elderly Pennsylvanians Deserve Honor and Respect, Not Abuse program

         The Elderly Pennsylvanians Deserve Honor and Respect, Not Abuse program, which was a well-developed and carried out social marketing program which instill respect for elders in their audiences, something that I personally believe to be very important. According to the source, “when Pennsylvania’s Department of Aging decided to target African American, … More Elderly Pennsylvanians Deserve Honor and Respect, Not Abuse program

The Massachusetts Bank Reporting Project

     One of the best practices against elder financial abuse was started right here in Massachusetts and has since been replicated throughout the country. The Massachusetts Bank Reporting Project: An Edge against Elder Financial Exploitation, was put together by the Massachusetts’ Executive Office of Elder Affairs, in collaboration with the Executive Office of Consumer … More The Massachusetts Bank Reporting Project