Child maltreatment

Child Maltreatment is any kind of abuse that can cause physical and/or psychological harm to a child under the age of eighteen. This is a major issue impacting all parts of the world.

There are four categories of child abuse:

  • Physical Abuse- involves the use of non-accidental physical force towards a child and can lead to serious injuries or even death.
  • Sexual Abuse- involves any sexual activity that engages a child.
  • Mental/Psychological Abuse-involves any harmful action towards a child that affects the mental or psychological aspect of that child. This can include the use of a loud or threatening voice or the use of improper language.
  • Neglect- the failure to meet a child’s basic needs. This includes clothing, food, medical access and education.


General Information

Child Maltreatment: This fact sheet provides a basic overview of child maltreatment.

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Child Maltreatment Related Publications

The World Report on Child Injury Prevention provides an inclusive review of current knowledge about the various types of unintentional child injuries. World Health Organization, 2012

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The preventing Child Maltreatment Program Activity Guide provides basic overview of how to prevent child maltreatment, prevention strategies, and prams available. Center for Diseases Control, 2008

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