Elder maltreatment

Elder abuse is defined as any type of mistreatment concerning those sixty or older. It is often committed by a family member, a caregiver, or someone the elderly trusts.

There are six categories of elderly abuse:

  • Physical Abuse– this involves the use of non-accidental physical force and can lead to serious injuries or even death.
  • Sexual Abuse– any sexual act without consent.
  • Mental/Psychological Abuse– this involves any harmful action that affects the mental or psychological aspect of the elderly. This may also include the use of a loud or threatening voice or the use of improper language.
  • Neglect– the failure to meet the basic needs of those who are elderly.
  • Abandonment-when anyone leaves the elderly without anyone to care for them.
  • Financial Abuse– the theft or misuse of assets, money or property.

This form of abuse is becoming more prevalent in recent years compared to other types of abuse.


General Information

Elder Maltreatment: This fact sheet provides a basic overview of elder maltreatment.

Elder Maltreatment pic

PDF- SMALL_Small[pdf 345 KB]

Elder Maltreatment Related Publications

The World Report on Aging and Health provides recent health issues that affect older population and also recommendation that can improve elder’s life through innovation solutions. World Health Organization, 2014

picture 222

PDF- SMALL_Small[pdf 4.46 MB]



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