Falls are currently the second leading cause of accidental death or unintentional injury worldwide. A fall is defined as sudden and uncontrolled movement downward to the floor which can result in either fatal or non-fatal injuries. These injuries may need medical attention and often require hospitalization.

General Information

Falls: This fact sheet provides a basic overview of falls.

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Falls Related Publications

 The Global Report on Falls Prevention in Older Age provides an overview of falls and strategies for prevention of falls in older age. World Health Organization, 2007

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Preventing Falls: A Guide to Implementing Effective Community-Based Fall Prevention Programs. Center of Disease Control, 2015

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National Action Plan for Child Injury Prevention: this is a plan intended to grab the attention of those responsible of child’s safety and how to address this issue.  World Health Organization, UNICEF, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2012

falls children

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