Routine Drug Screening: Necessity or Inconvenience?

Drug testing has always been a common controversy within the United States. When it comes to welfare and government assistance, many people believe that drug screening should be necessary before an individual is able to receive their benefits. While this may be an effective way to prevent drug misuse within needy families, there will always … More Routine Drug Screening: Necessity or Inconvenience?

Hours of Service Safety Regulations to Reduce Truck Driver Fatigue

A practice for road traffic injury relates to the Federal Law limiting the hours that a truck can be on the roadways. Driving long daily and weekly hours on a regular basis is associated with chronic fatigue and a high risk of crashes. Truck driver fatigue is the highest cause of truck accidents in the United … More Hours of Service Safety Regulations to Reduce Truck Driver Fatigue

Sobriety Checkpoints

Drinking and driving is one of the biggest causes of road traffic injuries worldwide. It accounts for around 20% of fatal accidents in high-income countries and almost 69% in low and middle-income countries. Effective best practice methods for dealing with road traffic injuries and drunk drivers have the potential to save countless lives. In Massachusetts … More Sobriety Checkpoints

Elder Assessment Instrument (EAI)

    According to Terry Fulmer, who wrote the journal article “ Progress in Elder Abuse Screening and Assessment Instruments” in the Journal of American Geriatrics Society says that there are many ways to assessment elder maltreatment. This best practice is called Elder Assessment Instrument (EAI); this instrument was created to look at the following … More Elder Assessment Instrument (EAI)

Senior Crime Prevention Program

The Ventura County, California District Attorney’s Office, as part of its senior crime unit has found a way to address home bound seniors, a population which is highly affected by elder maltreatment. Through this program they included some placemats designed for elder abuse prevention messages. Those messages have been included in home delivery meal program, such … More Senior Crime Prevention Program

The Safe Environment for Every Kid (SEEK) Project

The SEEK project is another best practice for prevention of child maltreatment but has a different target audience than parents.  The SEEK project was funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the CDC to provide primary care physicians with a mean for targeting at risk factors of child maltreatment especially families … More The Safe Environment for Every Kid (SEEK) Project

Childhelp Program

                                   A program in Arizona called Childhelp founded in 1959 directly addresses ways to prevent child abuse and treatment options for those involved in child abuse.  Additional resources that have added to the program’s success over the years is … More Childhelp Program